Our Community


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At St. Joseph's we recognise the importance of supporting our local community. Throughout the year we aim to support many worthy causes and campaigns. 

In the Autumn Term, a class holds a Harvest Assembly for their friends, family and the school. 

 Donations are taken to the Bracknell Food Bank.

Thanks to the kindness of staff, families and children from St. Joseph's we donated many boxes of food to the Bracknell Food Bank


 Every year, we support  Children In Need . Last year Year 1 brought their teddies to school for the day. Their teddies learned many new things and Year 1 thought about how lucky they are to receive an education and have a home. They were happy to find out that as a school we raised lots of money to help others! 

My class looks different today! 

Well done St Joseph's!


What's Next: At St Joseph's we have our own in house charity called Sean McCauley's Fund. This fund set up in memory, supports the maintenance or improvements to Sean's garden and acts as a hardship fund for members of the school community.